Happy (Burp) Valentines Day!

Pantheon | john ecker

A few thoughts on Valentines Day…  just a week away guys!

“You’re a super wife. I’m a hapless dweeb. Happy Valentines Day.”  It’s that time of year when guys search for the perfect card to express their deepest Hallmark feelings to the one they love.

For many guys, husbands in particular, this is a difficult task. Recently, I checked out cards to best capture MY innermost thoughts at this romantic time of the year. Naturally, I looked at the ‘Romantic’ section first. I found cards expressing mostly gushy sentiments for new love. There were promises of a long and happy life together full of passionate devotion…. ‘if you’ll be my Valentine’. Truth be told I am a bit of a romantic. As a consequence, I tend to find these deep and heartfelt expressions, written in some faraway card factory, artificial at best. Besides, I could not find romantic cards that declared…

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www.johnecker.ca Lives in Canada. Likes to travel. Loves Europe. Avid Photographer. Drives Mazdas
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